mobile gaming

I’ve been playing a mobile game recently called OctoMaze and today I thought I’d shed a little light on what to expect from the game and my thoughts on a very different puzzle game!

Here we go again with ldycalluna reviewing yet another iteration of Black Desert Online. They’ve gone mobile! Let’s see how it holds up to the PC and Xbox versions.

Lilith Games’ AFK Arena is garnering some attention from mobile gamers with over 10 million downloads since launch.  What is it about the game that gamers are finding irresistible? Let’s explore this, shall we?

“With MetaArcade we landed on something we believe can work in all genres of games and interactive fiction—the goal is to let people create easily and still have a robust game mechanic in it which can apply across all universes.” – David Reid, Founder & CEO, MetaArcade

Apple held its annual iPhone event on September 12, 2017 where it announced three new iPhones, a new Apple Watch, and a new Apple TV. These were all expected announcements, but the 4K Apple TV amd ARKit could have an effect on gaming.

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