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The big game is finally here! After a week off for the Pro Bowl, we get to see the last two NFL square off in the Super Bowl. This game features a high-powered offense against a stout defense with the Defensive Rookie of the Year.

The AFC Wildcard games did not disappoint last week and the games this week look to be action-packed. Can the Titans continue their playoff run? Or will they run into the buzzsaw that is the Ravens?

Last week we were treated to a slate of awesome games in both the NFC and AFC. This week looks to be just as good. Let’s get started with the NFC games.

In the second part of my Madden 20 simulations this week, I tackle the NFC Wildcard games. These matchups seem a bit easier to navigate although in the NFL you never know.

With the regular season in the books, we begin the NFL playoffs with Wildcard Weekend. I will be simulating all of the games going forward starting with the AFC games. Due to the number of games being played, I won’t be going quite as in-depth as in previous weeks.

The final simulation of the season is between division rivals with some playoff implications. The Broncos may be out of the playoffs but the Raiders have a slim chance to make them. I considered going with a few other matchups (like San Francisco at Seatle) but I have already simulated those matchups this season and wanted to stay away from repeats.

This week’s Madden 20 simulation features the top two teams in the NFC North as the Packers visit the Vikings. The Packers have already clinched a playoff spot and the Vikings are only one game behind them in the NFC North. A Vikings win would put them in a tie with the Packers and give them a chance to win the division. Last Week The Bills handled the Steelers 17-10 in a close game. Und3rdo...

This week’s Madden 20 simulation features two teams fighting for a Wildcard spot, the Bills in the AFC East and the Steelers in the AFC North. Both teams are second in their respective divisions and holding onto both AFC Wildcard spots. The teams have been up and down all year and this looks to be a fight to the end.

This week’s matchup features two bitter division rivals when the Giants visit the Eagles. Both teams have had disappointing seasons so far but the Eagles still have a chance to be tied with the Cowboys for the division lead at 6-7…The Giants are looking to play the spoiler and how Eli Manning can capture some of his youth this week as he re-enters the starting lineup.

This week’s Madden simulation features two young, talented quarterbacks in a significant matchup for the AFC playoff picture. The Titans (6-3) have won their last two games and look to take down the red-hot Ravens. The matchup to watch this week is Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson who are some of the most exciting quarterbacks in the league.

This week’s matchup features the two teams at the top of what may be the best division in the NFL. The Seahawks (7-2) visit the only undefeated team, the 49ers (8-0) in a Monday Night Football game that ESPN has to be drooling over. We will get to see Russell Wilson face off against the stout 49ers defense.

The slate of NFL games doesn’t offer a lot of good matchups this week so I picked the most intriguing one: Patriots at Ravens. These two teams have had a great season and this could be a preview of the AFC Championship game.

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