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With so many big AAA titles coming out this season, I wanted to reach out to some indie developers to see what they are working on. This week I had the chance to chat with Shannon Williams about his latest game Mark Out! The Digital Wrestling Card Game.

Mortal Shell is a new “souls-like” game from indie developer Cold Symmetry. The team is only about 15 people and has done a fantastic job on the game, which released on August 18, 2020, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC through the Epic Store.

At PAX South I came across a great looking indie game called Shot One, by Red Moon Workshop. A spiritual successor to Windjammers, Shot One is still in the early stages of development, but they are hoping to make waves in the eSports scene.  Check out the video to see an interview with one of the devs and find out more about the game!

When I first picked up DON’T GIVE UP, I was immediately thrust into a dark and disturbing scene. The hero of the game, Tris, returns home dejected after what is certainly the worst day of his life. Playing as Tris, you drink while reliving all of your failures. This struck a powerful chord with me, as I too have struggled with the demons of depression, anxiety, and mental illness. But in DON’T GIV...

The Mules invade Pax South again this year. Take a look at some sweet gameplay of the new indie game coming out soon. Solar Purge!

The Mules invade Pax South again this year. We interviewed the Lead Developer and Co-Found of a twin-stick, top-down shooter Solar Purge. Coming soon in 2019.

Top Down Sci Fi Action – Solar Purge

Have you ever dreamed of playing a game like Diablo but set in a sci-fi theme? Welcome to the world of Nova Genesis and the game Solar Purge.

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