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Summer jumps into full swing for comics with a heatwave in June! Drugs, vampires, Punk rock, and a sober protagonist from rising Indie favorite Frank Gogol. Dark Nights is back with DEATH METAL! The biggest heist for Black Cat to date, her mark is none other than Tony Stark!

Mark your calendars as this week, comic books take back Wednesdays for New Comic Book Day! This is our first full NCBD in quite some time. Full list of titles for the next two weeks and some spotlights of course.

One of the things I like about indie comics is that you get stories outside of the Super Hero/Villain Realm. Stories like what we see in Going to the Chapel #1. In the debut issue by Action Lab Comics we see regular people getting caught up in some crazy circumstances that leave you at the page saying, “Ya, I’m in”. Going to the Chapel #1 drops this Wednesday, so take a look at w...

This week Horror Comics #2 from Antartic Press, written by Bradley Golden, drops and it’s just as bloody as the first issue. The twist is, the story does not pick up where the first issue left off, but we get an origin story of this Ice-Cream killer this go around.

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