game preview

The Waylanders is an upcoming RPG that Mulehorn Gaming was given early access to by the developers at Gato Studio. I’ve played a bit of the game and think that this title has an opportunity to garner a decent player base. There’s opportunity for character creation, character race and class, and specialized combat – three pieces that warm any RPG fan’s heart.

Making a comeback from the original, but now to consoles too, Desperados 3 is taking me on a wild ride involving Cowboys in a strategic wild west world. Saddle up and get ready for my first thoughts on the game.

A reimagining of a cult classic could just be what you are looking for to get your thoughts racing and increase your heart rate. Could we be seeing a rebirth of adventure games?

Earlier today on the E3 edition of Inside Xbox, Bohemia Interactive, the studio behind Day Z and ARMA 3 unveiled a teaser trailer their new game. Vigor is a new survival game set to release in summer 2018 on Xbox Game Preview.

Fans of Minecraft’s survival mode will be pleasantly surprised with Astroneer’s focus on exploring and searching for technology and riches on an unknown planet. This week I downloaded the title by Seattle’s System Era Softworks on Xbox One, and launched into the unknown.

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