In this video Mule is joined with fellow members of the community as we watch the Xbox Games Showcase reveal. Join us for the next live stream on twitch!

Halo, Destiny, Fable, and more. We saw a lot at the Xbox games showcase, some of it was games that we’d seen before, other games we hadn’t seen before, either way, there was a lot shown within that one-hour run-time.

Both Microsoft and Sony have announced their free games for April 2020.

Just like any other jaded commuter, I have pulled into my stop wondering if I have made it to the right station this time.  Whether or not you will admit it, we have all jumped on the “Hype Train” for a video game. Often you end up getting off the train at the stop called disappointment when the game comes out and you finally get to play it. What’s even worse is when your friends get off the Hype ...

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