We have been busy since the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Today, the team at Bungie gave us even more to be excited about with the Witch Queen expansion, as well as the upcoming Season of the Lost. The Destiny 2 Showcase was full of information about what to expect this year, next year, and beyond! So, let’s dive into it and get hyped together!

Destiny. A word that encompasses many things for many people. For me, and millions across the world, Destiny highlights hours of honed skill, fun with fireteams, raid bosses annihilated, and crucible matches won…and lost. For five years, we have stood up as Guardians to defend the Light against the Dark. I’ve loved every moment, even the ones I hated. This is my ode to Destiny and its sequel, Dest...

It is fair to say Destiny is a popular games series with a strong, supportive community. Millions of Guardians login daily. I am one of those guardians and this is my story.

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