Destiny 2 Forsaken

2018 was a great year for Mulehorn Gaming and the community. For the first time, we surveyed the community to find out more about it as well as the best games from 2018. Below is a summary of the results and some key points. Community Preferences Since the roots of MHG are an Xbox clan/group, it is unsurprising that most consider the Xbox as their primary platform. The majority of the community ga...

Take a look at the new update from Destiny 2 Forsaken, the Black Armory. Enjoy.  

Let’s be honest upfront — I’m a horribly casual Destiny 2 player. I enjoy the game, but I’m dead weight in Crucible and the grind to keep my light level up to make any meaningful contributions to my clan’s weekly activities is unsustainable for me. A new season will arrive, I’ll play through the story with my kids, and then it’ll slowly fade to the back of my games queue — until Forsaken. I keep c...

Everyone loves a festival.

Analog Assault Episode 42: Gamescom 2018 – On Location Impressions Recorded on Thursday, August 22, 2018.

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