One of 2021’s most anticipated new action-RPGs, Outriders, is fast approaching its April release. Earlier this week we got some more news regarding its launch and upcoming demo.

The Anthem VIP Demo has come and gone, leaving all kinds of polarizing conversations in it’s wake.  How could all of these issues not have been known about before launching the demo? Should it have been labelled a beta instead of a demo?  We only get an additional Skin for all of our troubles?  No Demo Extension?

Forza has been the leading name for a “Simulated” driving experience when it comes to the racing game market, and that has been no exception when Playground Games introduced the Forza Horizon series of games. Even though Forza Horizon is more open and arcade-feeling than its brother, Forza Motorsports, it still leads the way on how racing games should feel and play. Over iterations of the Horizon ...

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