Arguably the most beloved villainess of all time goes solo and brings some friends along for slumber parties, mayhem, and mischief!

Nothing can prepare you for the journey into the abyss of madness that is Joker. Todd Phillips’ newest movie gives viewers a new perspective on the Joker and his origins. It is a darkly disturbing take on the iconic villain that has been captivating audiences for decades.

You read that title right, it’s PRIME TIME!!! Lol, all jokes aside, Morbid Methods is off on vacation with his family, so you’re stuck with me. Congratulations! New Comic Book Day is coming up and the next the Roundup of Comics is here. Indie titles are leading the way once again in my favorite department, aside from Marvel’s two heavy hitters, of course.

Comic-Con San Diego is upon us… meanwhile, others will be surfing through the cosmos! Can the man who broke Bruce Wayne once, do it again? The sexiest vampire of all time is turning 50!

The world’s greatest detective calls for backup.  War of the Realms has ended… or has it? Calling all spider-men to beware… CARNAGE IS COMING!

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