Destiny 2 – Community Summit, Warmind Expansion, and new Roadmap

Destiny created a vibrant community and was able to support a large number of hardcore fans. Destiny 2 started strong with a good campaign but fell short on important long-term components like the endgame grind and loadout customization. Bungie, the studio behind Destiny, recently held a Community Summit which some hopeful fans feel maybe a significant turning point going into the game’s Warmind e...

The Gamer: Statistics and The Video Game Industry

Just a few years ago all gamers where considered fat kids who lived in their mom's basement. Gaming has grown in a BIG business spanning a large group of ages! In fact it has grown into a multi billion dollar business, and the person that use to be looked at as a nerd gaming in the basement is now equal to rock start level of stardom with the rise of Esports.

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