Love Borderlands and fantasy? Then get ready to dive into the newest game by Gearbox and 2K! It looks like Tiny Tina is getting her own spinoff series set in a high fantasy world. If you enjoyed the Borderland’s 2 Expansion, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, then you will be sure to enjoy this new game! This shooter is based in a high fantasy world. Dragons, robots, and other crazine...

Our friends over at IGN just dropped a glorious little nugget for us! The first 14 minutes of Borderlands 3 gameplay!  If you’re twitching and itching for your Pandora fix then take a peek at this vid!  September is right around the corner!

July 31st was a great day to be a Borderlands 3 fan!  While we have to wait another 6 weeks to play the awesomeness that Gearbox is cooking up, Borderlands 3 has gone GOLD!  Get your body ready, vault hunters, it’s really happening!

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