Black Ops 4

In the wake of some controversy over PlayStation 4 exclusive game modes in the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare, it seems like Activision is keeping its head down as the release draws near.

There is no shortness in news from either of the Call of Duty games right now. From a new story trailer to a new operation. Let’s get to it and see what’s in store.

With week one of Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s beta in the books, we now get ready for cross-play. We are also one week away from the start of a new Hero vs Villain in Black Ops 4.

Stop whatever you’re doing, and watch the Trailer for the Modern Warfare Beta…Then read the weekly Call of Duty update.

The latest Operation in Black Op’s 4 is winding down so all is quiet on that front. While Modern Warfare Devs confirm something that has been long speculated and it doesn’t look good for Black Out fans.

On the heels of the surprise Modern Warfare 2 v 2 alpha, the world of Call of Duty feels quite right. That was until Black Ops 4 announced a surprise mini contraband stream starting this week!

With Modern Warfare set to release on Oct 25, 2019, it is only fitting to bring it into the weekly update. As more and more information becomes available I will do my best to keep you up to date on what’s going on.

Rejoice, PS4 players, the second half of Operation Apocalypse is upon us! With the Survivors refresh, the game is bringing in some new game modes and a few other treats with the new changes.

Treyarch studios released the trailer for what many people are considering the biggest update yet to Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Take a peek in what’s to come in the newest operation Apocalypse Z. You can check out my initial thoughts here.

The release of one of the most anticipated updates and new operations has finally hit the PS4 today and it brought a lot more than expected to the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 playing field.

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