Time to battle Pokemon in a whole new way! That’s right, Pokemon Unite is almost here! The new strategic battle game is coming to Nintendo Switch in July! Though a specific date has not been set, the window was revealed with a cool new trailer! Check it out!   Pokemon Unite will also come to mobile devices in September. And, don’t worry, you will be able to team up with friends vi...

Pokémon Masters is finally out on mobile smart devices and it’s definitely a game that any Pokémon fan should give a Poliwhirl.  It is a free-to-play game full of fun characters from the Pokémon universe and has a battling system new to the series. The story is fun and entertaining and the graphics and animations pull you straight into the world of Pokémon.

While Pokémon GO has seen tremendous success over the past couple of years, developer Niantic is showing some love to Pokémon GO’s older, nerdier sibling: Ingress. The Ingress Prime closed beta has been seen in the wild for several months already – and we go hands-on to explore what’s coming for the original geographic augmented reality game. When Niantic first released Ingress back in November 20...

No mobile game has evolved from its initial iteration as much as Pokémon Go has, and Niantic has leveled up the game yet again with the addition of quests. After a weekend of tackling dozens of missions, the game’s attempt at rekindling my passion and nostalgia has been super effective – and not just by taunting me with the chance to catch Mew.

While the title seems like your phone’s autocorrect gone mad, fans know the Dissidia Final Fantasy series is a true fantasy – combining favorite heroes and villains from across the Final Fantasy universe in one game. And now, Opera Omnia packages that experience into a compelling free to play game for iPhone and Android.

Have you ever taken a look at Pokémon Go and thought that while the concept seems interesting, the game isn’t quite your cup of tea? Allow me to introduce you to PoGo’s bigger, badder, nerdier brother: Ingress.

Three months after its initial release on iOS, Super Mario Run finally makes its way to Android devices.

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