Action Figure

It’s that time ladies and gentlemen where we do a round-up of what’s going in the collecting community and talk about what new figures that have or are set to release. There are so many great manufacturers releasing some awesome collectibles. So without further ado, let’s dive on in.

  There are so many types of figures out in the market when it comes to collectibles. Mezco Toyz has become one of the front runners when it comes to action figures. During New York Comic-Con we went to the Mezco Booth and it was nothing short of amazing. They had so many figures that were sold out, some that were available and some upcoming. Let’s Dive into the world of Mezco One:12 an...

New York City Comic-Con is here and it’s one of the biggest events of the year. If you love cosplay, then this is the perfect place to be but that’s not all the comic con offers. NYCC is the playground for collectors, people from all over the world come to this event to attempt the possibility of getting figures that are very hard to obtain.

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