The MHG team looks back on the biggest gaming stories of 2017 and looks ahead to 2018. Read on to see what the team thinks about the past year.

It’s been another exciting week in gaming and we’ve got your Nintendo related news right here in your weekly Ninten-News 10-16-17 newsletter.

“Video games are for kids. Why do you still play video games, you are a grown-up? That’s silly. Video games are a waste of time.” If you are a gamer you have probably heard all those sentiments, especially if you are a gamer that is around my age. I can’t help it. I grew up with video games. When I wasn’t playing sports or when I wasn’t outside I was challenging...

If you follow any sort of gaming-related social media accounts at all then you might’ve noticed some commotion yesterday. Activision had their Quarterly Earnings Conference Call where they discuss, well, their franchises’ earnings. During the call they field questions from investment firms regarding the future of their franchises, among those of course being Destiny 2.

2017 looks like it is going to be very exciting for PlayStation gamers! This year is going to be bringing some great software, and exclusive content, to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Pro. Several games that are already out will be seeing new in-game events and even all new content. Needless to say, there is much to look forward to for PlayStation users. Let’s take a look at some of them. One...

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