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It appears that Nintendo will be releasing a follow-up to their extremely successful Nintendo Classic with a Super Nintendo version. Eurogamer states that their sources have confirmed the rumors of this next iteration.* The miniature console should be releasing sometime this Christmas. Apparently, development of the SNES Classic is already underway.


Nintendo Classic is super rare.

Have you seen this console?

Have You Seen the NES Classic?

Most will remember how quickly the NES Classic sold out this past year. If you are wanting to find one now, then check eBay, and apologize to your wallet. It’s going to hurt paying $200+ for the console, especially since it only had a $60 price tag on it. Nintendo explained last week that the NES Classic was never meant to be a permanent product. The new SNES Classic will want to be treated the same.

SNES Classic affect the Nintendo Switch?

We are still waiting on the Switch’s Virtual Console

What I’m Worried About

One of my main concerns about the SNES Classic is regarding the Nintendo Switch’s Virtual Console. Having the same SNES games on both could affect the sales of one another. I don’t want to see the SNES Classic games not make it onto the Nintendo Switch, however. Being able to take those games around is one of the biggest reasons for me purchasing a Switch. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer to see Nintendo’s strategy with their Switch’s Virtual Console.

Of course, there are other small concerns, mainly the ones that affected the NES Classic. Will there be enough of these made? How about those controller cords? Are they going to be too short? Nintendo will have a chance to address the problems with the NES Classic and improve upon it with the SNES Classic. Now we will have to wait and see if they actually will or not.


The SNES is my favorite console, will the SNES Classic do it justice?

One of my favorite gaming consoles of all time. Great memories playing this amazing console.

I Love the Super Nintendo

Now, the Super Nintendo is one of my favorite consoles of all time. I cannot wait to see if this turns out to be true. If it is, which games will be included in it? Games like Super Mario World, Megaman X, Super Metroid, and Chrono Trigger are just a few that pop into my mind when I think about the time I spent on my old SNES. The game selection will be a big factor for most consumers, but the SNES library is an incredible one.

Will you be picking up the SNES Classic if it releases? What games are you wanting to see? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear about some of your favorite SNES games. Now, I gotta get out of here and get in line for this thing. I don’t want it to sell out before I have a chance to get one!

*Eurogamer’s sources also correctly leaked information about the Nintendo Switch before it’s reveal.

Weston, aka Houndstooth, has been a gamer since he played the NES at two years old. He is now married to his best friend who is not only a great wife but an avid gamer as well. He loves all games and will keep playing until it isn't fun anymore.

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