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Bringing the most recognizable video game character to the largest audience seems like a “no-brainer” for Nintendo. Honestly, I never thought it would happen, especially while Nintendo was still in the console business. But, we have now Super Mario Run in our hands. The game is an auto-running side-scroller where the player controls the jumping of Mario (and other hidden characters). You may think that this sounds really simple, and it is. Becoming a master of this game, however, is a totally different story.

Super Mario Run

Mario is ready for his iOS debut

Run Mario, Run!

You will spend your time playing three different modes. First, you will try and complete each level in the Tour Mode. Next, you will try to collect the three sets of hidden coins spread throughout the Tour Mode. And, finally, you will put your skills to the test in Toad Rally, a mode where you will compete against other players around the world. There are some other smaller things to do in Super Mario Run that I’ll mention, but these three modes will take up the majority of your time.


World Tour mode offers 24 levels to play through!

Completing all of the levels in Tour Mode is pretty simple. There are six total Worlds in the game, and each World contains four levels. Completing a level will unlock the next, allowing you to advance just like in every other Mario game. At the end of each World there will be a boss battle where you fight Bowser or one of his underlings. This mode is the most reminiscent of past Mario games and will be familiar to most players. Beating the Tour Mode doesn’t take a lot of time and is a little lackluster. It was much easier than I thought it would be.

Need Coins

Now, the Coin Hunt mode is a lot of fun. Basically, each level will have three sets of coins hidden throughout the level. You will first try and collect all of the Pink Coins in a level. After you collect all of these, then you will have to try and collect all of the Purple Coins. Then, if you collect all of those coins, you will be challenged to collect all of the Black Coins. Each set of coins will change the level up, adding new jumps and tricks to try and figure out. This mode is super challenging, turning a simple game into one that is tough to master. Coins can be hidden in the Question Blocks, or maybe high above the level. Replaying and searching for coins increases the replay-ability of this game in the best ways.


Finding the hidden coins can be tough, fun, and rewarding.


Toad Rally is where you take your skill and put it to the test against other players. You will stand toe-to-toe against another player and race to collect the most coins and do the most tricks. At the end of the race, you and your opponent will see your score tally. The highest number will win, and the winner will receive more Toads to bring to their Kingdom. Personally, I spend most of my time in this mode. I just enjoy taking a couple of minutes to compete in Super Mario. Challenging players is quick and fun. My only complaint with this mode is the amount of things happening on your screen. It is hard to see what’s going on at times. Other than that, I believe this mode is flawless.


Ready to put your skills to the ultimate test?

Kingdom Mode

I mentioned earlier that you will have a Kingdom. Kingdom Mode is a very minor mode in the game. Your kingdom will continue to expand as you gain more Toads from the Toad Rally mode. You can buy Toad houses, build bridges to new areas, and even make statues of Mario characters to put up and decorate your areas. It is more of a fun little side thing to do, but doesn’t bring anything to the game. Kingdom Mode just isn’t necessary in this game, even if it is a little fun to try and collect everything.


Customize the look of your Kingdom.


One thing I also want to mention is the Friend function in this game. This game will become much more fun when you have more friends to play with. In Tour Mode, you can see where you rank against your friends when it comes to the amount of coins collected per level. You can also challenge each other in Toad Rally for fun. And, if you are looking for a friend, then be sure to add me! Check out the image to get my Friend Code.


Houndstooth’s Super Mario Run Friend Code

The verdict

In the end, the game is fantastic. Sure, the graphics aren’t as great as what we are used to from consoles, and, yeah, the game changes the Mario formula to fit the phone/tablet devices. But, it is still a fantastic video game. So, take those iTunes gift cards that you received for Christmas and give this game a try. It still has the Nintendo magic.

Super Mario Run 8

Weston, aka Hero Beyond, has been a gamer since he played the NES at two years old! Now, he is a father with an amazing son, but still an avid gamer. Whether shooting it up in a competitive FPS or having some ridiculous fun with Nintendo, Hero Beyond is always trying to have some fun.


  1. Good review, but you’re missing out on one of the key components of Kingdom Mode. By building the “Special Shops” you can earn/win coins and rally tickets. For anyone wanting to play Rally regularly, it is an essential part of the game.

    • Good point. The two modes do feed into one another much more than I gave it credit. I’ll see if I can make an edit to the article later to get that information out there. The three mushroom house games and “?” blocks are important to get some Toad Rally tickets.

    • Good point. The two modes do feed into one another much more than I gave it credit. I’ll see if I can make an edit to the article later to get that information out there. The three mushroom house games and “?” blocks are important to get some Toad Rally tickets.

    • Another point. Sully needs a 100 point handy cap. For real. You are OP in this game lol!


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