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Life’s a beach. The Summer of Smite 2016 update is here (on PC) and with it come a lot of new skins and free collectibles. Hi-Rez has launched the Summer of Smite 2016 a Skin collecting event. Specially made skins exclusive for the event are purchasable over the coming 2 months (ends August 30th). With every two purchases you receive free exclusive items. Find out what’s in store for this update down below. Console versions of the event to come. We will update this post when details are released.


The update is also on Console versions of the game now, and the list of items has been further expanded and revealed.

Complete list of Summer of Smite 2016 event items:

  • Rock-a-Bellona, Bellona, Skin, 400 Gems
  • Chef’s Special, Khepri, Skin, 400 Gems
  • Land Shark, Sobek, Skin, 400 Gems
  • Tropical Paradis, Loading Frame, 1st Bonus item
  • Merdusa Pedesta, 2nd Bonus item

Summer of Smite 2016

Summer of Smite 2016 Chef KhepriSometimes, even the Gods want to relax. And nothing’s better than a little fun in the sun — just ask Khepri.


This Summer of SMITE, the Gods are kicking back on the beach, catching some waves, and competing in the Great Games Arena. Take part and grab some sweet Limited skins before the sun sets on Aug. 30!


Summer of Smite skinsLike last year, you will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive skins only available during the event.

As you can see in the image to the left, a total of 3100 Gems will net you all the event exclusive skins. They have not announced all of them yet, but they will in time.


Summer of Smite bonus






When you get to a certain number of Skins purchased, you get an exclusive bonus item. As you can see there are 4 free bonus items.

Get even more skins, voice packs, avatars, wards, emotes, or boosters by unlocking an Enigma Treasure Chest for every Summer of SMITE item you purchase!




This year they will add an extra dimension to the game. “Great Games” will feature a reskinned Arena map. Besides that they will add a running mode and special quests related to the “Great Games Arena”.

Summer of Smite 2016 ArenaRESKINNED ARENA

Arenas are not only for combat. For the Summer of SMITE, the Arena has become a Stadium fit for the Great Games!



Summer of Smite 2016 Run track RUN THE TRACK

Be like Merc. A new running track will have you racing around the Arena!




Summer of Smite 2016 quests GODLY AWARDS

To the victors go the spoils. Earn Gems for your performance in the Great Games Arena through a special quest!

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