State of Decay 2 – Daybreak DLC Arrives September 12


During Gamescom 2018, Microsoft and Undead Labs showcased the new Daybreak DLC for State of Decay 2 and announced its September 12, 2018 release date on the Inside Xbox stream. Daybreak is going to be the game’s first DLC and is included in the Ultimate Edition. Those that are playing via Xbox Game Pass or that purchased the normal edition can buy it for $9.99.

Daybreak DLC

During the first day of Gamescom the Xbox booth was closed off to Press only which allowed us the chance to play all of the titles on display, one of which was the Daybreak DLC. We got try out a small part of it. This horde mode type of gameplay is a 4-player co-op experience which pits you against waves of zombies that try to break through into a fortified area where a technician is trying to restore some form of uplink. Within this small area you need to pay attention to two things: Walls that will take damage the more zombies get to pounding on it, and the technician’s health. If zombies break through, they will move straight to the technician and start attacking him, and if he dies you fail the mission. So, it is important to keep an eye on your technician’s health and heal him if you can. Other means of keeping Zombies out is by repairing the walls that have taken damage.

Dangers Lurk in the Dark

During each wave you will encounter many dangers coming from the dark part of the map. Standard Zombies work their way towards your wall and start hitting it. Even downed Zombies that are crawling will still slash away at your wall, so take care of those. Every so often a Bloater will move slowly towards your base, and it’s important to shoot these as soon as you spot them. The closer they get to your wall, the closer they are to gassing you and putting up a smoke screen through which Zombies might walk undetected. On top of this, you will also have to deal with the occasional feral which will just jump over your walls and randomly attack one of the survivors.  As if that’s not bad enough, be extra careful of those nasty juggernauts. They will just straight up ram into your walls, dealing massive damage, and once they are inside the chaos will ensue.

The Ending

The part of Daybreak we got to play is not an unlimited Horde mode. After 3 waves of surviving and the technician completing his upload, you win the game. Sadly, during our 3 attempts we did not mange to complete it. We did get to within 1 minute of completion, which the State of Decay team said was the furthest anyone had reached that day. It’s safe to say that Daybreak will offer a challenging new way to play the game, and players can enjoy it with up to 4 friends again in a more controlled setting. It felt refreshing and fun to play, which is something the game desperately needed to become interesting again. By completing hordes you are supposed to receive great items for your communities, so it’s an extra benefit for those still trying to survive the outbreak!

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