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The latest Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes update brings another level of customization to your favorite heroes in the form of mods. Mods enable the stats of high-level heroes to be tweaked further, allowing a sharper competitive edge when it comes to building out one’s team. This update also increases the number of activities available in Galaxy of Heroes as well as adding some new characters to the hologames.

Galaxy of heroes update mods 2

A health mod

What are mods?

Essentially, mods are another item type that we hologamers must collect and equip to our heroes. Mods become available once a hero’s level has been raised to 50.

  • Mods provide a significant boost to the stats of a character
  • Mods have a Rarity, which does not change and can range from 1 to 7
  • There are 6 Mod slots on each character and each Mod is associated with a particular slot (ex. A “Stabilizer” Mod can only be assigned to the “Stabilizer” slot)
  • Each Mod is associated with a particular set (ex. Health Mod OR Speed Mod)
  • A Mod has a primary stat and up to 4 secondary stats
  • Mods have a level that can be increased to level 15
  • Mods have a tier which determines the number of secondary stats currently on a Mod
  • Assigning multiple Mods of the same Set to a character will provide a Set Bonus
    • Some Sets require 2 assigned Mods and others require 4
    • Up to 3 Sets can be active at a time
    • A Max Set Bonus can be earned when all Mods in a Set are at max level (level 15)


Galaxy of heroes update mods 9

New layout for character details

So, there are mods out there to suit any playing style. Similar mods can be used together to form sets that grant even stronger benefits. Mods are equipped via the newly added mod management screen, accessible through the inventory or character details screens. Simply click ‘manage’ to view your hero’s stats and available mod slots.


Mods can be upgraded to become more powerful

  • Mods can reach up to level 15
    Galaxy of heroes update mods 8

    Mod management screen

  • Each level up increases the primary stat on the Mod
  • At levels 3, 6, 9, and 12, a secondary stat will be added or an existing secondary stat will be increased
  • Mods are upgraded by spending credits to increase the XP of the Mod.
  • It is possible to receive a large XP boost immediately upgrading the Mod’s level.

It is possible to sell excess or unwanted mods for credits, while valuable mods can be locked to prevent accidental sale.

Mod Battles & Challenges

Galaxy of heroes update mods 1

This place is starting to look up!

Galaxy of heroes update mods 3

Stage 2 focuses on defense mods

Ready to go get some mods? You’ve most likely noticed the new additions to the main cantina screen. The events menu has been moved to the lonely guy on the right side of the cantina. Now, the left side of the cantina has a few new selections. Visit mod battles to engage in new 5-round battles designed to test the might of your level 50+ heroes. Mod battles cost cantina energy (the red one), and reward cantina credits as well. More importantly, they reward actual mods! Indicated by the symbol, each stage is dedicated to a particular type of mod. Mods can be purchased from the new menu item, mod shipments. I have seen a few on sale for plain old credits (albeit many credits), but most of them will require crystals.

  • Each stage is associated with a particular Mod set (ex. Stage 1 = Health Mods)
  • There are 7 nodes on each stage, one for each of the 6 slots and a 7th node where random slot is earned
  • Rarity 1 and 2 Mods are earned from Mod Battles with node 7 providing the best opportunity for Rarity 2 Mods
  • There initially will be 8 stages, each with its own unique Mod set
  • There are no character restrictions in Mod Battles
  • Cantina energy is used for Mod Battles and in addition to earning Mods, all Cantina Battles rewards are also earnable (ex. Ability Mats and Cantina Currency)

Mod Challenges is an opportunity to earn higher rarity Mods (Rarity 3-5) by assembling specific squads

  • Unlocks when Stage 3 of Mod Battles is complete
  • A new challenge unlocks as each Stage in Mod Battles is completed
  • Each challenge requires a specific squad of characters (ex. Jedi only OR Rebel’s only)
  • The stronger the characters, the higher the tier of the challenge that can be accomplished
  • Cantina energy is used for Mod Challenges and in addition to earning Mods, all Cantina Battles rewards are also earnable (ex. Ability Mats and Cantina Currency)

Guild Exchange

Galaxy of heroes update mods 16

Sharing is caring!

Most games with guilds eventually provide a guild bank for members to share and save items. This Galaxy of Heroes update does you one better and allows you to ask guild-mates for specific items once per day. One can easily request an item from their guild by visiting the exchange directly or clicking the request button on an item’s description.

Guild Exchange is a new benefit available to Guilds that allows Guild Members to request and donate gear pieces to other Guild Members.

  • Especially great opportunity to help other members acquire the required purple gear pieces
  • Gear is requested through the Character Detail’s screen find flow
  • Gear is donated in the “Exchange” area of Guild Home
Galaxy of heroes update mods 6

Give your thumbs a rest

Everything Else

Truly a sizeable update to the quality of life in Galaxy of Heroes, there are many other little additions and fixes in this latest patch. One feature worth mentioning is Multi-Sim, the ability to automatically simulate a set amount of battles on a particular node. Talk about convenience! Capital Games has also improved the functionality of the back button, added new achievements, and has introduced THREE NEW CHARACTERS to the fray! To read the full update notes straight from the horse’s mouth, visit the Galaxy of Heroes Update forum.

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