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If there’s one vice I have that keeps enticing me to buy more and more, it’s Star Wars – and Fantasy Flight’s new trading card and miniatures games may be the latest to grab my attention.

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First, let’s talk trading card games. Loot boxes may be the latest trend in gaming, but the trading card blind pack has been around longer than the Black Lotus. Some people like their virtual collectibles, but for the rest of us with binders and boxes full of cards, there’s no feeling like peeling back that foil and seeing that holographic number 4 out of 102 Charizard staring back at you.

Star Wars Destiny

Star Wars Destiny has you covered. In addition to character cards with stylish artwork, each character comes with a beautiful 6-sided die. At first glance, you would expect these to be decals or stickers affixed to the sides, but they’re not. The dice have a smooth finish and polish and then have the images heat-pressed into the side and covered with a scratch resistant coating. They’re very well-crafted hardware that help strengthen your characters or deal damage to your opponents.

Games are very fast paced, and Fantasy Flight estimates that each game will last about 30 minutes. Part of the key to this is limiting you to a single action each turn. There are no phases or multiple actions that you get to make. It’s like watching a game of checkers – red moves, black moves, red moves, black moves.

Star Wars Destiny and Star Wars Legion at PAX South

Games can be influenced by cards drawn and played from your deck, or from the environment card. Drawn at the beginning, the environment card determines the geographical location of the battle along with any buffs or hazards that come with it.

If you’re interested, I’d recommend getting a starter set that should have everything you need. I’ve seen them on sale at local game shops along with department stores like Target, so it’s extremely accessible.

If you’re a fan of miniatures or liked playing Star Wars Imperial Assault, but was looking for something on a smaller scale, then I would suggest Star Wars Legion.

Star Wars Legion

In Star Wars Legion, you lead a ground assault as either the glorious Empire or the Rebel scum. What makes Legion different than games like Imperial Assault is that your movement is not based on a grid. Instead, movement and firing range is determined using jointed movement tools, much like Star Wars X-Wing. Even better, you only have to measure each squad’s leader, and then reposition his supporting troops around him as needed to maximize cover or for other strategic purposes.

Star Wars Legion

Gameplay should be familiar to veterans of Fantasy Flight miniature games. Each unit has a variety of attacks it can make depending on how you choose to employ them in the moment, and their effectiveness is determined by the dice.

The miniatures come unpainted, allowing you to customize their look as desired. The game is also designed to take advantage of custom landscapes or battlefronts designed by you, the player.

Star Wars Legion is available for pre-order and is expected to be released sometime in early 2018.

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