Interview with Dave Crouse of Stack-Up: Helping Vets Through Gaming

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Gaming is becoming more and more acceptable all over the world, but did you also know that gaming is therapeutic? Stack-Up is an organization that seeks to take the therapeutic abilities of gaming and serve veterans and those who are actively serving in our military.

Who is Stack-Up?

The name Stack-Up comes from a military slang term for a formation used when the assault team forms up single-file along an entrance or doorway in close proximity to the threat. Founded in 2015, Stack-Up enlists both civilians and veterans alike to help answer the call for our military personnel. Local groups called Stacks work all around the world delivering “Supply Crates” filled with goodies, or facilitating “Air Assaults,” paying for deserving individuals to attend gaming and geek culture events.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dave Crouse of Stack-Up while we were at PAX South 2018 in San Antonio, Texas. Watch the interview below as Dave goes into a few more details of what Stack-Up does.


Make sure you head over to the Stack-Up website and check out all they do for active military and veterans while using gaming as means of support.

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