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I’ve been playing a mobile game recently called OctoMaze and today I thought I’d shed a little light on what to expect from the game and my thoughts on a very different puzzle game!

Something Different

Photo credit Octagon Studios

OctoMaze is the latest offering from Octagan Game Studios. Filled with very different gameplay mechanics, you use octopus tentacles to make your way around the puzzle level picking up coins along your way and facing a variety of different obstacles that stand in your way.

OctoMaze is a breath of fresh air in the puzzle genre. Gameplay based on the use of a unique new game mechanics – you solve puzzles using the octopus’ tentacles. With it, you can both destroy enemies and collect items / objects while avoiding the death of a tentacle. It’s a lot of fun and has an interesting twist on the puzzle genre. It’s not just an age-old puzzle game with a fancy skin slapped on, it’s a unique and creative take on the puzzle genre at whole (with a fancy skin slapped on).

Photo credit Octagon Studios

The game takes influence from a whole variety of old school games including; Anteater, Bomberman, and Frogger. Not only does it take influence from different games but it also takes the mechanics from each one and meshes it all together to bring you OctoMaze.

A fun time

The demo allows you to play 15 levels and each gets more challenging the further you progress, however, the real challenge begins after the first 10 levels or so. With each level you’re given a field with a hole in which you drag the tentacle from, you then need to navigate the tentacle with your finger around the field until you have collected all the gold coins, with of course obstacles standing in your way. After collecting all the coins you then complete the level and are rewarded with stars depending on how quick your time was on completion.

Photo credit Octagon Studios

The game is a lot of fun and something I would probably play whilst I’m on my break at work or something to pass the time quickly. It has an addictive feel to it and had I been able to, I would’ve gone further than the 15 levels in the demo. The game is currently in paid early access and it would be amazing to see the game come out of this.

Give it a go

Photo credit Octagon Studios

The OctoMaze demo and the paid early access game are currently available on the Google Play Store so even if you aren’t looking to buy the early access yet I’d highly recommend just giving the free demo a try!

If you give OctoMaze a go, then I would love to hear from you and what your thoughts are. It’s not yet known when the full game will be fully available but here’s hoping it’s soon so I have a chance to dive into the game more.

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