Spider-Man 2 Announced for the PlayStation 5

Insomniac Games are coming back with more Spider-Man! The PlayStation Showcase dropped some amazing titles, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was one of the biggest for me! Super hero fans rejoice, because the talented team that brought Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4 is back with more of our favorite wall-crawler!


So far, we have just learned about this Spidey news. However, from the trailer, we can see a few things. One, we will have both Peter Parker and Miles Morales together in the city. And, two, Venom is going to be our villain. Who doesn’t love Venom???


Our first look at Venom for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2


From the PlayStation Blog post, many of the original development team is coming back for the sequel. Bryan Intihar(creative director) and Ryan Smith(game director) are two of the more prominent people returning. Their continued vision will showcase new storylines, abilities, and suits, which are all important things we loved from the first game in the series.


Miles Morales and Peter Parker, the Spider-Men


I’m so excited that we are getting this game! Insomniac Games have proven themselves as great superhero storytellers, and now we are going to get even more awesome content. The game isn’t expected to release until 2023, and will continue to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but that just means that everyone has time to find a PS5 to buy it! I hope to catch you web heads when the game launches then!


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