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Have you ever dreamed of playing a game like Diablo but set in a sci-fi theme? Welcome to the world of Nova Genesis and the game Solar Purge.

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What is Solar Purge?

Solar Purge is a top-down sci-fi action game built using Unreal 4 Engine. If you have ever played a Diablo game you will feel right at home with this game. It currently offers a couch co-op mode where you can play with up to four friends and a campaign mode. In the campaign mode, you can explore the world of Nova Genesis with your pick of four different hero classes to fit your particular playing style:

  • Engineer
  • Juggernaut
  • Stryker
  • Assassin

One of the great things about Solar Purge is that it offers procedurally generated missions. As you complete the missions you can upgrade your skills and earn new weapons and loot! This game was super fun to watch and play. Watch the interview with Josh below and check out the breathtaking original soundtrack by Marty Meinerz, who helps bring the visuals in Solar Purge to life!

This game was very fun to play. I cannot wait for it to come out on Steam. Josh did mention to me that they are looking to get the game on Xbox as well.

Gameplay Video

Enjoy some gameplay video provided by Josh and their crew at Solar Purge!

Make sure you follow their official Twitter account, website, and join their Discord.

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