Smite Valkyrie Reloaded Update 3.13


Smite Valkyrie Reloaded is right around the corner and with it a visual upgrade to the Norse God Freya and a slew of new Skins, most in addition to the Summer of Smite 2016 events. The update labeled update 3.13, will also introduce some item and god tweaks and also new Achievements.

SMITE Valkyrie Reloaded Freya

The update will come to PC this week and hopefully to Consoles next week. We will see a visual upgrade to the Norse God Freya, with most of her skins being upgraded as well. We will also be able to obtain new Achievements for Awelix, Erlang Shen, and Freya. And a lot of new Skins will make its way into the game, check them out below.

New God Skins

Smite Valkyrie Reloaded SObek

Land Shark Sobek

Smite Valkyrie Reloaded Nu Wa

Challenger Nu Wa

Smite Valkyrie Reloaded Nu Wa


Releasing on July 26th, 2016

Smite Valkyrie Reloaded Vulcan

Vulcap’n Redbeard Vulcan

Smite Valkyrie Reloaded Artemis

Briar Queen Artemis

Smite Valkyrie Reloaded Odin

Raven’s Throne Odin

Smite Valkyrie Reloaded Fafnir

Fafnir Masteries

Smite Valkyrie Reloaded Achievements


SMITE Valkyrie Reloaded Pretty KittyPretty Kitty

As Awilix kill an enemy God with the damage when you jump from Suku.

SMITE Valkyrie Reloaded Get over hereGet Over Here

As Awilix pull a knocked up enemy God to you using Gravity Surge.

Erlang Shen

SMITE Valkyrie Reloaded Toirtoise PowerTortoise Power!

Knock up 3 or more enemies using the turtle form of 72 transformations.

SMITE Valkyrie Reloaded UndefeatedUndefeated!

While using 9 turns Blessing heal yourself using your ultimate while below 10% health.


SMITE Valkyrie Reloaded That was CloseThat Was Close

As Freya kill an enemy God using Valkyries Discretion while you are at 15% health or less.

SMITE Valkyrie Reloaded BanishedBanished

As Freya banish three or more enemy Gods with a single Banish.

Summer of SMITE 2016

This update will also include some new additions to the Summer of Smite 2016 event for u all to unlock.
New content being added:

  • Land Shark Sobek
  • Challenger & Ace Nu Wa: Challenger Nu Wa will be available on 7/26. Ace will be available in the Challenger Bundle released on 7/26.
  • Bonus Item: Merdusa Pedestal (Release on 7/26)

Check out our Summer of Smite 2016 post

Summer of Smite 2016


  • God Achievements now show on the specific god’s page.
  • Fixed an issue with a tower on Conquest not properly firing at enemies standing in a specific spot.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Play Again” button would not show after a match.
  • Fixed an issue with Easy AI’s having cooldown reduction.
  • Fixed an issue where some projectiles were incorrectly hitting past their intended maximum range.

For a complete overview of the 3.13 patch, check the patchnotes video below or visit the Smite website.

Complete patch notes video


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