Sleep Tight and We Are Fuzzy Studios at PAX South

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As a child did you ever have nightmares about monsters coming for you in your room? Well, now you can fight back in the upcoming indie game, Sleep Tight from We Are Fuzzy Studios.  Build pillow forts and upgrade your dart guns in this top-down, twin-stick survival shooter with a Pixar-like feel to the visuals and story.

We Are Fuzzy’s Passion for Sleep Tight Shows

We interviewed Maxx and Banks of the We Are Fuzzy development team at PAX South and were able to get some background and insight into Sleep Tight and the Studio itself.  We Are Fuzzy is a prime example of an indie studio with tons of passion and pride for their project as Banks can hardly contain his excitement during an interview, even giving Mulehorn Gaming lots of love by grabbing random passersby at the convention to promote the site.

Check out the trailer here and keep an eye out for Sleep Tight on Steam and the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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