The Seasons of Destiny 2 – More to Earn & Enhanced Endgame

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Destiny 2 guardians are struggling to find purpose in the game’s endgame content. Bungie has referred to seasons throughout the first few months of the game. With the game finally launching on PC, Bungie recently provided more information on these seasons while broadcasting from TwitchCon. They also provided information on a few new things to look forward to from the Live Team.

First off, there will be four seasons per year. The exact timing of the seasons was not announced; however, we can infer the current season will end sometime before Christmas. The seasons are designed to give players a more ‘predictable cadence’ for game updates. Seasons will include Clan Rank reset, Live Team events, sandbox updates, and new cosmetic items. This is a positive change as previous tweaks and sandbox adjustments were somewhat unpredictable. The seasons will also bring a refresh to some of the games rituals like Iron Banner, Trials of the Nine, and Faction Rally. This means new perks, new ornaments, and new weapons.


The Seasons of Destiny 2

The Dawning

Many guardians will be happy to hear The Dawning, a winter themed event, will return in Destiny 2. The new gear was previewed during the TwitchCon broadcast, and features a similar blue, white, and silver theme. It is safe to assume this event will include additional themed loot such as shaders, emotes, and weapons. There is no word yet on how this gear will be earned; however, Bungie has indicated that the event will be bigger and better than previous Dawning events in Destiny 1.

The Seasons of Destiny 2

We will also be able to play ice hockey and throw snowballs in the social spaces. This is refreshing and lends itself to the celebration type theme of these events. Snowballs will also appear in the open maps. Bungie has even hinted there will be some fun changes to strikes, and a new crucible map that will stick around after the event ends. Unfortunately, community manager DeeJ also announced after the broadcast that Festival of the Lost will not be returning this year.

Iron Banner Updates and More

Additional news included important changes to Iron Banner. Player feedback was incorporated into the plans for the second Iron Banner of Destiny 2. Weapons will be purchased using tokens and legendary shards. This is great news as many people are accumulating legendary shards and would like to be able to choose their reward. No word yet on if this will apply to armor.

Bungie also announced that seasons will include exclusive ornaments for specialized gear sets that will unlock after achieving a certain milestone (i.e. win 15 Iron Banner matches). These ornaments are linked to the season so players will have a reason to compete in these special events in each season. Finally, the broadcast also included information on ‘Clarion Calls’ which, starting in season one, will allow you to earn double XP in activities while working with your Clan. This will help guardians obtain bright engrams and secure that seasonal loot before it is gone forever. Season two will feature new emotes, ships, sparrows, and ghosts.The Seasons of Destiny 2

All in all, the changes are positive and should give guardians a reason to come back to Destiny 2 for new loot, clan adventures, and updated rituals. If you are searching for any of the items currently available in bright engrams, be sure to keep an ear open for the Clarion Call so you don’t miss out!

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