ScrapGear’s Paperback Picks of the Week for 1/11/17


We’re back again for ScrapGear’s Paperback Picks of the Week for January 11th 2017. Here are my three paperback picks that you should grab at your local comic shop.

Lobster Johnson: Garden of Bones:

Paperback Picks

Main Cover Art for Lobster Johnson: Garden of Bones

Nothing is better than a nice quick read, and Lobster John: Garden of Bones being a one-shot issue is an awesome way to find yourself on my paperback picks list. Created by Mike Mignola and ripped from the pages of Hellboy, Lobster Johnson is the B.P.R.D’s version of Batman. Garden of Bones is the 27th issue in the solo series of Lobster Johnson stories and is a zombie story with a southern New Orleans kind of theme. It’s short, quick and to the point, but it’s a one-shot and wraps up the story in a single issue, so worth a look.

Paperback Picks

The Lobster doesn’t talk much, but he always means business

Knight Guardians of Relativity #1:

Paperback Picks

Main Cover for Knight Guardians of Relativity

If there is one thing I enjoy reading it’s a good Sci-Fi Mystery, and the new Canadian publisher TITAN1STUDIOS has an awesome paperback pick for this week. This is going to be a short 4-part series that the publisher is planning on expanding into what they are calling the Relativity Universe. The Knight Guardians seem to be the equivalent of Time Cops and there is some kind of conspiracy going around and targeting the Knight Guardians and picking them off. The writing by Gareth Roberts and Taran Chadha has got me pulled in and invested in the Knights so far, and the art by Abel Garcia looks excellent. I’ll be subbing to this series.

Papreback Picks

We still have yet to meet all of the Knights, but they look like a diverse cast of characters

God Country #1:

Paperback Picks

Main cover art for God Country

If there is only one thing that you pick up from this weeks paperback picks, you have got to pick up Image comics God Country. This is just the first issue of the series but I’m already hooked. The setting of the story takes place in what looks like modern day Texas and revolves around a family: A husband, his wife and daughter, and his dementia-ridden father. It turns out that the father is a bad ass warrior with a rockin’ sword and the story goes from there. The narration of the story is almost like an old Texas tall tale being told as a kind of recollection of the events of the comic. I’m looking forward to reading the story that Donny Cates writes for God Country, and I’m loving the art by Geoff Shaw.

Paperback Picks

Grandpa Emmett is one bad ass with that sword

Nerdy husband and father of two, Derek has been playing video games and reading comics since he was a wee lad. Derek is also the host of the Halftone Hero Podcast and long-time loyal Nintendo fan.

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