ScrapGear’s Paperback Picks of the Week for 1/4/17


Ever walked into a comic shop and wasn’t sure what to pick up? I’m here to give you a couple of ideas of some titles of interest to read with ScrapGear’s Paperback Picks of the Week.

U.S.Avengers #1:

Paperback Pick

Main Cover Art and my State’s Variant Cover

First, a little bit of history for this week’s Paperback Picks. Back in the New Avengers from last year, Roberto Da Costa AKA the mutant Sunspot bought out A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics) when they decided to go corporate and fired the evil members and created the new A.I.M (Avengers Idea Mechanics). The premise behind U.S.Avengers is that the US government stepped in and took over and changed the meaning of A.I.M. again (American Intelligence Mechanics). This new Avengers team brings together Cannonball, Iron Patriot, Enigma, Squirrel Girl and a new Red Hulk. Da Costa’s plan was to create a team that reminded him of the diversity he felt exemplified at Xavier’s School for gifted youngsters. This was a fun title for a first issue. There are fast intros and you get an idea of the thoughts the Main Crew are having by the writer and artist doing short interviews with each member. The art looks awesome, and I knew I had to pick this up when I saw what looked like Tom Selleck as Red Hulk. This promises to be at least an interesting team-up and I’ll be subbing to this one to see what’s next.

Paperback Pick

It’s Magnum P.I. Time!

Deadpool the Duck #1:

Paperback Pick

Main Cover Art and Hilarious Variant Cover

You read that right, this Paperback Pick is a Deadpool and Howard the Duck team-up comic. In this, the premise is that Deadpool and Howard end up sharing a body. Howard becomes another voice in Deadpool’s head, alongside his new Spirit Animal, Wolverine, and together they have to hunt down a rabid extra terrestrial. This is only a five-part series, but it looks like it’s going to be hilarious and I will definitely keep an eye out for the trade.

Paperback Pick

Deadpool House Shopping with his Spirit Animal

Moon Knight #10

Paperback Picks

Current Issue Cover Art and Issue #1’s Cover

Moon Knight is one of those heroes that isn’t well known or even that liked, but I’ve always really been intrigued by him and it’s one of the reasons I’m subbed to the series and, with this issue being the beginning of a new arc, it’s a great Paperback Pick. This run is focused on a lot of the mental issues that Marc Spectar is having and the grips that he has to go through to come to terms with his split personalities. This issues brings it back to where his split identities started by looking into his past. In present day, he is working his way towards the Egyptian deity that gave him his powers in the first place all while trying to help his allies. This is a great series and is written by one of my favorite writer/artists, Jeff Lemire, and the artwork by Greg Smallwood is just absolutely amazing.

Paperback Pick

Amazing 4 page splash by Greg Smallwood

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