Review – Iron Fist Season 2 Improves on the Formula & Supporting Cast

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Season 2 of Iron Fist was an improvement in many ways from its previous season. I felt more attached to the characters (I feel for you, Ward), felt more of the drama, and loved the Kung Fu fight scenes. Season 2 is ten episodes long, but honestly I think they could have told the whole story in 8 episodes. It makes sense later on why some scenes in earlier episodes felt a little drawn out, but overall the story was really fun and has some great twists!

I’m The Immortal Iron Fist

In season 2, we get to see a lot more of Davos (Steel Serpent), and I loved it. Learning more about his backstory and why he sought out the power of the Iron Fist was fantastic. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him when we got to see his point of view in the flashback scenes. He almost reminded me of Thanos, and his singular purpose outweighed all of his other desires and relationships. He is sure-footed, even to the point of forsaking his brother, Danny. At times, as I watched Davos put in work as the Iron Fist, I couldn’t help but think I wanted to see Danny do some of that; A little more kicking butt and taking names, without the killing of course. Overall, Davos has a very compelling story.

Walker, Ward, Joy, And Supporting Cast

I loved the addition of Mary. She really helped draw out a little more of the drama for season 2, and I am intrigued to see what happens with her in the future. And, Ward, my dude… I feel for you so much in this season. It made me happy to see him on the road to recovery and growing closer to Danny. The layers of character development within the supporting cast help season 2 really outshine season 1 for me.

The one thing that bothered me about season 2 was, after episode 6, the show begins for focus much more on Colleen. It eventually makes sense why this was done, and I’m avoiding spoilers here for you readers, but after episode 8 I was really irritated at Danny. Just wait, and you will see why I was literally yelling at my TV. But, I promise that irritation will subside by the time you get to the ending of episode 10.

Warning: Spoilers

My other major hangup was (SPOILERS) that Danny needed training from Colleen. He was supposed to be this master Kung Fu artist from K’un-Lun, but now he suddenly needs to have Colleen train him? I appreciate building on Colleen’s character and who she becomes, but the mechanic used felt out of place for me. This is one of the reasons I scored this as a 7.5 rather than a 8. Danny endured so much abuse growing up at K’un-Lun, and he punched a dragon in the heart to become the Iron Fist. With him being so unbalanced, it just felt like his prior history was discounted a little too much for me.

I would have preferred that he had some flashbacks and reflected on his training to re-balance himself, rather than the story line trying to prop up Colleen’s character. This point is reinforced when Colleen herself says Danny is the greatest Kung Fu artist she has ever seen. This part of season 2 just felt like it was sacrificed a little for the sake of the story line and to give Colleen’s character a little more value (which is appreciated at the end of the day).

Final Verdict

Iron Fist 2 is a fun ride. There is great Kung Fu action, the supporting characters really help drive the story, and the season has a fantastic finish. I really look forward to seeing where Danny and Ward go from here. This is a must watch and I give season 2 a 7.5 out of 10.


  • Good story line
  • Interesting new characters
  • Davos' character is fantastic
  • Mary is a great addition to the line-up
  • Great conclusion


  • Focused on Colleen too much
  • Danny's character still feels lost


Iron Fist 2 looks to move past its underwhelming debut with the second season. There are major improvements from season 1, but somewhere along the way the show begins to focus on Colleen a little too much. Overall, it was a better story line than the first season, with lots of heart pumping action scenes, interesting new characters, and a nice twist at the end.


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