Rend – Hybrid Survival RPG with Vikings, Base Building, and Faction PvP

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While at PAX South this year, we ran into many developers and a fantastic line-up of great games. The social aspects of gaming seem to be of particular importance to developers (and gamers!) and it shows in the games being produced right now. One shining example of engaging social gameplay comes in the form of Rend, a new title that executes faction-based multiplayer alongside PvE and base-building.


Rend - Hybrid Survival RPG with Vikings, Base Building, and Faction PvP

Rend is a hybrid survival game that summons players to align with one of three Viking factions. You are then dropped into a world of beauty and brutality. This fantasy world is where you must use strategy as you team up with other players in your clan to battle enemy creatures and rival Viking factions in a competitive race toward ascension. The game features both PvP and PvE elements, like base building, that will challenge the traditional survival games before it. In Rend you get to choose how to play and participate in the world. For more info, watch our interview below.

The Alpha is due on Steam Q1 2018, so head over to their website and sign up for it!

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