Rapid Fire News- January 18, 2017

Rapid Fire News

Time to get your daily dose of all things gaming related! And some Star Wars too! The mules are hard at work for you to bring you the daily Mulehorn Gaming Rapid Fire News for January 18, 2017!

Star Wars

For you Star Wars Rebels fans, this is a great look at what we got coming in the next few episodes.

Star Wars Battlefront is getting another patch. Check out all the details here. 

I can’t pass on some Star Wars lore. Here is some interesting information on how Luke got his green lightsaber.

Injustice 2

This trailer is pretty awesome!

Mass Effect Andromeda

Tons of little bits of information coming out for Mass Effect Andromeda. One of those bits of information is crafting in Andromeda. This is exciting, as I would love to customize the look and feel of my armor like you can in Dragon Age Inquisition. Included in this information dump about crafting is that you can craft your own melee weapons. Oh, and did we mention you can name your weapons? Because, you can.

We also have more information on the single player and crossing over to multiplayer.

Some of the rewards for multiplayer.

AND Andromeda might get a Scorpio game of the year edition?

Sea of Thieves

More Sea of Thieves Inn-side story!

Also for all you folks getting in the Beta, remember this. Loose lips sink ships.

World of Warcraft

All good things must come to an end. The OG servers are going down.

Wizards of The Coast

Read up on some interesting news that Wizards of the Coast is investing in video games.


Nintendo Switch Specs Feature

A little disappointing news about Nintendo. No Netflix or other multimedia at launch.

The Nintendo Switch won’t have many multimedia functions at launch, Business Insider reports. According to Nintendo’s Kit Ellis, this is because the Switch is intended to be a “dedicated gaming machine,” and thus won’t have Netflix and other stream services day one.

On the one hand, it’s interesting and reassuring that Nintendo is taking a different, more game-focused approach than Microsoft (and to a lesser extent, Sony), with the company’s mindset of an “all in one” console. On the other hand, if the Switch did provide multimedia services, it would provide a potentially cheaper (if less fancy) alternative to tablets, and offer owners an extra potential activity during their commutes. Even so, it’s nice to see that Nintendo is concentrated on games first and foremost.

Back to good news for Nintendo, we may see more Zelda games. Rumor has it there may be one after Breath of the Wild.

PlayStation and Xbox

The Culling is coming to Xbox. Read up on it here.

The Culling coming to Xbox One & The Big House Patch

For PlayStation we have Perception coming soon.

Perception coming to Playstation 4

Rapid Fire News Community

In this section we let all you gamers know the community happenings around the internet. If you have any community events that will be going on, let us know! We can post it here for you under the community topic of Rapid Fire News. Send us an email at themulebag@mulehorngaming.com

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Speaking of Dungeons and Dragons….

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