Rapid Fire News – January 12, 2017

Rapid Fire News

Sweet Christmas! The mules are doing it again. Hard at work for you to bring all the gaming news in one spot! We present to you the daily Mulehorn Gaming Rapid Fire News for January 12, 2017.


Nintendo Switch Specs Feature

Tonight is the night! Make sure you are watching the Nintendo switch event.  And if you are wondering what to expect here are a few ideas.

Potential Switch leak?

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Feature

Not one, but two new trailers! Get all the information below!

Two New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailers – PlayStation 4

Mass Effect Andromeda

This is pretty cool. A nice easter egg in the new Echo from Amazon.

New screenshot of the Tempest.

Also today we should be getting a new briefing.


Overwatch Logo

We could have a Valentines themed update coming soon for Overwatch. Read about it more here.

Learn how the latest map Oasis was designed.

Rocket League

Rocket League has now passed 25 million players. O_o

Sea of Thieves

New Inn-side story

Battlefield 1

Get the low down on new DLC, Premium Pass, and more here. And this is kind of crazy but the new anti-cheat software for Battlefield is dinging legit players.

The anti-cheat software uses algorithm-based analysis to judge a player’s skill, taking into account shot distance, kill streaks, probability, and more, while comparing the stats to global statistics from across the game. If it determines your stats are helped along by a cheat, you could face a permanent ban.

Like this guy who got ban.


Oooops! Ubisoft leaked the season pass list for the up coming game For Honor.

The closed beta dates have been announced as well.

Two new Ubicollections announced for The Division and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Get some Rainbow Six 5.3 patch details.

Assassins Creed movie has brought in 150 million on the big screen.


Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can! Confirmed for Avengers: Infinity War!

Spider-Man to Join the Ranks of Avengers: Infinity War

Rapid Fire News Community

In this section we let all you gamers know the community happenings around the internet. If you have any community events that will be going on, let us know! We can post it here for you under the community topic of Rapid Fire News. Send us an email at themulebag@mulehorngaming.com

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