Rapid Fire News – February 20, 2017

Rapid Fire News

Time to get your daily dose of all things gaming or nerd related! The mules searched all over the internet to bring to you the Mulehorn Gaming Rapid Fire News for February 20, 2017.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Andromeda is gearing up! Check this out from Loot Gaming.

Make sure you also check out the new gameplay video by Bioware! We broke it down for you too.

Some more information on the multiplayer.


Nintendo Switch Blue and Red Joycon Bundle

Switch will link digital purchases!


More information was released on the 17th about the Beam roll out!

Check out the store, and pick up some mule swag!

Titanfall 2

Incoming patch!

Halo Wars 2

Ever wanted to just watch all the cuts screens of an amazing gaming? Now you can!


More on Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta, For Honor review, and more!

Rainbow Six Siege Major League begins February 25th.

Just Dance best play is from Turkey and is only 16…


Just take all my money now…


We have a few reviews you will want to check out!

The first is A Pixel Story.

A trip down memory lane? Well, not exactly, but A Pixel Story does take you for a ride through different generations of Pixelation. I got the chance to review this game, and I took it without hesitation. I enjoy a good platformer, and A Pixel Story promised to deliver this with its own twist.

The other game we got our hands on with at Pax South called Semispheres!

Semispheres is a beautiful and evocative puzzle game that will test both halves of your brain (and both of your thumbs). Navigating a unique split-screen design, the player controls two avatars, each piloted by their own analog stick. They attempt to solve parallel puzzles that often require help from the opposite side. Using portals, teleports, stealth tactics and power-ups, bend reality to your will in this cerebral, maze-like puzzler.

Rapid Fire News Community

In this section we let all you gamers know the community happenings around the internet. If you have any community events that will be going on, let us know! We can post it here for you under the community topic of Rapid Fire News. Send us an email at themulebag@mulehorngaming.com

MHG is getting into streaming games. Make sure to head over to our Twitch account on Monday and Tuesday for a live stream from 8pm-10pm cst! And Friday night D&D!

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