PAX South

When entering the Gonzalez Convention center one word comes to mind, Massive. The sheer awe of its size can be somewhat intimidating. I was told to be prepared for a crowd, but nothing to could prepare me for the Disney World like feel this had.

Humbled. That was my first thought when I received my email from PAX South to say that I could be media for their show in San Antonio. I had never been to any large expo before. A lot of things run through your head: “What do I pack?”, “how do I prepare?”, so I over did it on both accounts.

Once more, PAX South is upon us – and it’s absolutely my favorite time of year. PAX is a gaming convention put on with fans in mind, and gamers come from all over to celebrate our craft together. You want to borrow a tabletop game to play with your friends? Done. Magic the Gathering? Got it. Bring your own PC? Sure. And while that’s all well and good, here are my very favorite things about PAX:

Well, guys, here we are. The mules final got to go to their first Pax event. Thaddeus Prime and Mulehorn117 invaded San Antonio. There was no mulebaggin but did find this one picture in our room rather humorous. I don't know if this is a real person's name or.....?

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