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If you have not heard, there is a hot new RPG coming out in less than a month called Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This action role playing video game is being developed by Warhorse Studios based in Prague, Czech Republic. Set in the medieval era in the Kingdom of Bohemia, an Imperial State of the Holy Roman Empire, we play as a blacksmith’s son, Henry, seeking revenge for the murder of his fam...

Analog Assault Episode 16: Live @ PAX South ‘18 w/ Rick from Kingdom Come: Deliverance Recorded on Saturday, January 13, 2017.

Gaming is becoming more and more acceptable all over the world, but did you also know that gaming is therapeutic? Stack-Up is an organization that seeks to take the therapeutic abilities of gaming and serve veterans and those who are actively serving in our military.

As a child did you ever have nightmares about monsters coming for you in your room? Well, now you can fight back in the upcoming indie game, Sleep Tight from We Are Fuzzy Studios.  Build pillow forts and upgrade your dart guns in this top-down, twin-stick survival shooter with a Pixar-like feel to the visuals and story.

While we were working our way around the main exhibit hall at PAX South, we obtained an excellent interview when we ran into our friend Joe Granato IV in the NES Maker booth.  The man is inspirational as he seems to function on pure passion, using his excitement and body language to move around his booth to show us the tools of the NES Maker.

In the documentary “The New 8 Bit Heroes”, we see the epic tale of a childhood dream crafted into reality. Joe Granato IV the creative director, and star of the film goes through the rigorous trials of creating a new game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System based on illustrations he found from ideas he had as a child.

Mages of Mystralia is a new action-adventure game from fledgling studio, Borealys Games. You play as Zia, a young mage who wields the power of spellcrafting through an epic tale of exile, trolls, and puzzling temples. Read on for my initial take on this fresh and exciting title!

There was many booths and games to be visited while at Pax South this year, but there was a booth that drew my attention immediately. Earthfall!

While I was attending PAX South, I had the opportunity to try out Virtual Reality for the first time, all thanks to King Crow Studios. King Crow Studios are developing a new game called Galactic Chef. In this game, you are challenged to cook while in space. The food of choice was gumbo, which was fitting for the Louisiana-based studio. After watching a few people play the game, I felt comfortable ...

It’s been over a week since I arrived home after a long PAX weekend, and I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on what I’ve seen and experienced. One thing stands out: virtual reality is the future of gaming.

Recently, we had the chance to visit with the CEO of Angry Mob Games and play Brawlout at PAX South 2017. Our guys had a blast, and you can check out the interview here! Now, we have a special treat for those of you anxiously awaiting the game. That’s right, a giveaway!

Last year was such a treat for Thaddeus Prime and myself. We went as attendees and where awe-struck from the moment we walked into the doors of Pax. We got to meet great people last year and got to experience so much. You can read all about it here. This year was a little different. We are super excited as we got to bring part of our team as media.

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