PAX South

Doomtrooper was one of the few games that REALLY stood out to me from Pax South this year. The artwork is what caught my eye initially. The trailer playing on the monitor held me, but it was talking to Justin Reynard, the developer, that sold me.

PlayStation was kind enough to allow us to capture some gameplay of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive, Days Gone. The game is set to release on April 26, 2019.

Everyone knows mule does not play zombie games, but we had to with Resident Evil 2 coming soon! Check out some of the sweet gameplay from Pax South 2019! Release date January 25, 2019

The Mules invade Pax South again this year. Take a look at some sweet gameplay of the new indie game coming out soon. Solar Purge!

The Mules invade Pax South again this year. We interviewed the Lead Developer and Co-Found of a twin-stick, top-down shooter Solar Purge. Coming soon in 2019.

Another excellent and unexpected adventure I had at PAX South all started when someone from Spearhead Games handed us a business card between interviews. I was very intrigued by the newly announced game they were showing off, so we made our way over to their booth. We found Omensight, a 3D action adventure platformer that took us by surprise with a compelling multi-path story, a beautiful neon sla...

While at PAX South this year, we ran into many developers and a fantastic line-up of great games. The social aspects of gaming seem to be of particular importance to developers (and gamers!) and it shows in the games being produced right now. One shining example of engaging social gameplay comes in the form of Rend, a new title that executes faction-based multiplayer alongside PvE and base-buildin...

We came across a group of guys wearing some sweet jerseys at the Coatsink software booth at PAX South. On display were two games Coatsink is publishing on the Nintendo Switch. We got an interview with Bren King from PHL Collective, and he told us all about Clusterpuck 99.

In the future, where people crowd into stadiums to watch supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered cars play soccer, and where eSports have conquered the world – an exciting new arena sport makes its debut. Welcome to Laser League, a fast-paced, action packed, 2v2 top down action game where the environment is constantly changing and trying to kill you.

As we walked through the entrance of PAX South this year, the Mixer stage immediately caught our attention. Front and center, Mixer was showcasing this game called The Darwin Project. With its high energy and fast-paced action, this game looked to be a ton of fun. We had the privilege to interview Simon Darveau, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Scavengers, the studio responsible for creating Th...

If there’s one vice I have that keeps enticing me to buy more and more, it’s Star Wars – and Fantasy Flight’s new trading card and miniatures games may be the latest to grab my attention.

Imagine, if you will, the surface of Mars a century into the future. You are a clone created for the dangerous task of mining precious ores from the red planet. But then, in a flash of light, everything changes. You’re seemingly alone, the robotic sentinels once there to protect you have now become your enemy. Your own survival has become a tentative state. Welcome to Memories of Mars.

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