Pokemon’s 8th Generation will be Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Earlier this morning, Tsunekazu Ishihara of the Pokemon Company and Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori of Gamefreak hosted a Pokemon Direct stream to tease the latest games of the Pokemon series. The entire stream only lasted 7 minutes, but in that time they shared several key bits of information, including that the 8th generation games of the iconic series would be Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will take place in the Galar region. A region that contains a variety of different environments, including cities, mountains, and flat lands. From what they’ve shown so far, the Galar region looks more industrial than most of the other games, and has a feeling of Old English charm in the architecture. My first impression of the new region was that the geography seems much more linear, and more put together than other regions. Galar seems to have a natural increase in environmental complexity as the player travels north. From the simple, vast planes of the southern Galar region, to the much more modern and exciting peaks of the northern mountain of the Galar region. From the way this region was presented, I expect trainers to begin their journey in the most southern town of Galar, and progress to the far north as their journey continues.

Along with every new region, comes new pokemon, and the highlight of the entire teaser was that we now know the starters of the Galar region. First shown was the rabbit pokemon, Scorbunny, a fire type pokemon. Then the water lizard pokemon, Sobble, a water type pokemon. Finally, the video ended with the chimp pokemon, Grookey, a grass type pokemon. Besides these starters, we don’t know how many other new pokemon are in the new region, but I look forward to hearing more as we get closer to the release date, which has only been stated as sometime towards the end of 2019.

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