Pokemon Sword and Shield Leak Looks to be True


Pokemon Sword and Shield rumors have been stirring among the Internet since the game was announced back in February. The latest rumor is gaining support though as it is already showing some truth. For those that want to stay far away from spoilers, THIS IS YOUR SPOILER WARNING.

The leak was posted on July 31st, stating that a new Pokemon trailer would come out on August 7th. The trailer would reveal the following:

  • 3 New Pokemon
    • Seagulp – Ice/Flying type
    • Booracuda – Water/Ghost type
    • Antorch – Bug/Fire type
  • Two Characters
    • Marnie and Bede
  • New Gym and Gym Leader
    • Opal, the Fairy-type Gym Leader
  • New Galar region forms of older pokemon
    • Girafarig and Sudowoodo
  • Two New Eeveelutions

Trainers were skeptical until the Pokemon company officially announced a reveal for August 7th, 6:00 AM PDT. This announcement has now given the rumor steam, and some on Twitter are eager for it to be true.

If true, this reveal could provide a much-needed boost to community morale, as critics and players are still recovering from the news that the National Dex would not be included on launch day, if at all, which would be a first for the series. Especially since a new eeveelution hasn’t been announced since X/Y in 2013, and the Galar forms of Girafarig and Sudowoodo look to add significant type advantages compared to their original forms.

As excited as some are for the leak, many on Twitter hope that it’s not complete. Wishing that the latest announcement will include a statement affirming the addition of the National Dex in the game. If the leak is true though, it looks like the community will be mixed with both excitement for the news, and continued disappointment in their lacking ability to catch-them-all.

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