Pokémon Go – 10 Tips to Get You Started

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After a few hours of peer pressure, I finally caved and gave in to my inner nerdness and nostalgia for Pokémon. I went ahead and downloaded the Pokémon Go app and tried to catch them all. I noticed some of the stuff can be confusing and it might be hard as a starting player. I’ve done my research and put it to the test and now present to you our Top 10 tips to get you started!

Pokémon Go, become the best and catch them all with these tips!

Pokemon Go Battery Saver1. Battery Drain

This game is a real battery drainer, before you set out on a Pokémon hunt make sure to have a full battery. It might make sense but trust me 100% is gone before you know it when you are out on a hunt for Pokémon. If possible, bring a battery pack or buy one so you can recharge your phone on the go and never miss another Pokémon. There is also a Battery saver option in the Settings, I suggest turning it on.



2. PokéstopsPokemon Go Pokestop

Very important, Pokéstops are scattered throughout the real world. They are, in fact, real life monuments or places of interest. Every time you come across a Pokéstop make sure you walk to it and swirl that image around to collect items, depending on the popularity of the Monument, higher value items will drop like Eggs or Potions, but most of the time you will get more Pokéballs, which you need because you really do want to catch them all.

Items available at Pokestops:

  • Pokéballs
  • Revives
  • Potions
  • Pokémon eggs
  • Candy
  • Stardust

3. Catch them all

Really, just catch every single Pokémon you come across. By catching a Pokémon you get Stardust and Candy, you need both to advance in the world of Pokémon.

4. Transfer doubles of Pokémon

Especially when you just start out, you want to Transfer your doubles of Pokémon to Professor Willow. When you transfer a Pokémon to the professor you get candy in return. You need the Pokémon evolution family’s specific Candy to power them up and evolve them, see tip 5. An evolution family’s Candy is named after the base Pokémon in the family: Pidgey Candy is used to power up and evolve Pidgey, as well as Pidgeotto and Pidgeot–the higher evolutionary forms of Pidgey.

5. Increase CP and EvolvePokemon Go Powerup

In Pokémon Go, the strength of your Pokémon is shown by CP (Combat Power) the higher the CP the harder your Pokémon can hit other Pokémon in battle. You want to raise your Pokémon’s CP as often as you can. Make sure you power up the Pokemon you wish to use in battles first. Besides raising their CP you can also Evolve Pokémon. When Pokémon Evolve their CP will increase and they learn new abilities. Both of these methods cost Pokemon specific Candy and Stardust hence why you want to transfer doubles. Be smart with your Candy use as some Pokémon are quite rare, which means the Candy required to Evolve them will be hard to come by.

6. Evolve Rattata or Pidgey

No matter where you live, these 2 Pokemons are the most common Pokémon around. Catch as many of them as you can and transfer them to the Professor to quickly gain Candy and Stardust. Once you have enough evolve them to easily make strong Pokémon and raise your Trainer level quickly. By doing this you make sure you can quickly take on weaker Gyms once you hit Level 5!

Pokemon Go Marks Leaves7. Know your Pokéshapes

Pokémon Go gives players an idea of which type of Pokémon are in their neighborhood, which you can see in the lower right corner of your screen. By knowing which Pokémon are near, you can effectively search for a specific or rare Pokémon. You can also select 1 Shape to see its marks on the map.

8. Pokémon marks (leaves)

When you are out hunting for Pokémon, you will come across flying leaves on the map, this indicates a Pokémon is near that location. Like I said in the last tip, you can select a Pokémon Shape and this will make sure you only see these leaves on locations where that specific type of Pokémon is.

9. Choose the righ Team and GymPokemon Go Gym

Choose a popular Team in your neighborhood and help them defend their Gyms. When you place a Pokémon of your own in a Gym you will receive rewards and coins for helping out. Make sure the Gym stays in your team’s possession to get more rewards every day. Power up your Pokémon and put them as defenders in the Gyms. Don’t leave a weak one behind or other teams might steal the Gyms and your rewards.

10. Stay safe

I can’t stress this enough, but when you are out there hunting for Pokemon, be careful and stay aware of your surroundings. Whether you are walking the streets or on a Bicycle (Don’t drive and catch please), don’t simply cross streets or move forward without looking. Also if you are battling Pokémon at a Gym and the other player is around, stay respectful of each other. Don’t shout or curse at the other player and don’t battle it out between the two of you.


These are our Top 10 tips, let us know what you think about them and what you think about Pokémon Go in the comments below or on Twitter @Mulehorngaming


A Microsoft 365 consultant and a Xbox Ambassador, I got into gaming thanks to the Nintendo 8-Bit my parents got me when I was young. Enjoy the competitive play style of games like Smite and Overwatch and can get lost in RPG’s like Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect.

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