PS4 System Update 4.50 Brings External HDD Support & More


The PS4 spring update is right around the corner, and it promises many new and exciting features!

“Sasuke Incoming!”

The next system update for the PlayStation 4, 4.50 code named “Sasuke,” is currently in beta for PlayStation Plus customers in the preview program. It will launch some time in the next month. It will bring with it many new features PS4 owners have been asking for along with a few surprises. Some of the smaller updates include a slightly more refined user interface, custom wallpapers saved from in-game screen captures, an updated quick menu that takes up less space on the screen, a condensed notifications list, and the ability for PlayStation VR users to watch 3D Blu-Rays in their headset.

More Storage? Yes Please…

A big feature coming with the update and one that PS4 owners have been asking for since day one is the ability to use an external hard drive for game storage. An external HDD up to 8 terabytes in size can be used and hooks up to one of the console’s USB 3.0 ports. You will be able to store full games and DLC on the external drive and they will still appear in the home screen content launcher alongside other games stored on the internal hard drive. Game saves and updates will still only be able to be saved on the internal system memory.

Beast Mode

A new feature PS4 Pro owners were surprised to see in the system settings menu of the beta software update was a check box next to the name “Boost Mode.” The internet has come to call it “Beast Mode.” According to Sony, this new mode (which will only be available on the PS4 Pro) will enhance most games that came out prior to the release of the Pro but did not receive a Pro software patch. Research done by Digital Foundry shows that on average you can expect around a 14% increase in frame rate, faster-loading textures, and an overall smoother running experience.

Certain games will also see a slight reduction in overall loading times. Pair your PS4 Pro with a nice 4K TV and a good HDMI 2.3 cable and you will achieve very close to high end PC levels of visuals and gameplay. These enhancements, along with other updates Sony has planned throughout the year, will make the Pro a worthy contender for the upcoming and rumored more powerful Xbox Project Scorpio. Expect update 4.50 to drop sometime in the next month. All information on the system software update, along with details on Boost Mode, were gathered from Sony and Digital Foundry. If you want more technical information on Boost Mode check out the videos below from Digital Foundry.

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