PAX South 2020 – Interview and First Look – Beyond Blue


I had the chance to check out E-Line Media’s upcoming sea exploration game, Beyond Blue. Beyond Blue is a game of sea exploration and discovery. The game takes place in the near future where players control Mirai, a deep-sea explorer, who has assembled a new research team to explore the ocean like never before.

I played an early mission at PAX South and was blown away with how immersive the game feels. I jumped in as Mirai on her first dive and I was immediately sucked in. The controls felt smooth and the gameplay while familiar was impressive. As Mirai, you start out by setting up some of your equipment and using it to locate new animals to scan. While playing I was getting Subnautica vibes, but without the constant threat of danger. In order to find animals to scan, you had to locate the sounds they were making using beacons placed on the water. I really enjoyed the mechanic as it makes you really focus on what you are doing. Playing with headphones on added to the immersion.

I got through the first mission pretty quickly, but I was ready for more. Between missions, you can move around your submarine and learn more about Mirai and her story. Check out Draco’s interview with the developers above for more on Beyond Blue.

E-Line Media is probably best known for its BAFTA-winning game, Never Alone, which is about Native American culture. They are bringing what they learned from that game to Beyond Blue to craft a unique story with an educational spin. The game will release later this year on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Nate has been playing games for as long as he can remember. He enjoys playing most genres from sports games to FPSs to RPGs and action-adventure games. He also loves diving into data and making visualizations to help tell the data's story. While not gaming, Nate can be found outside hiking, walking, running, and just generally enjoying life.

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