PAX South 2020 – First Look – Young Souls

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Possibly one of the best games at PAX South. The Arcade Crew looks to captivate gamers with their upcoming title Young Souls. This Action RPG, beat-em-up is much deeper than it appears on the surface.


Family is Everything

In Young Souls, you take control of Jenn and Tristan. Two teenagers who find themselves suddenly abandoned and without a family. That is until a good-hearted scientist adopts and brings them into his home settled within a small port town. What starts off as an uneventful new life quickly unravels after the discovery of a portal to another world which threatens everything on Earth. What sets this side-scrolling, beat-em-up apart from other games like it is the deep RPG mechanics and a solid narrative pushing the story forward. The game has beautifully drawn 2D graphics and animations. It features over 70 varied dungeons and a drop in drop out coop feature. You can play solo switching between siblings if you like as well.

Show Floor Impressions

I love so many things about this game. From the ’90s inspired artwork of the characters. To the fast-paced combat that rewards you for playing smart and with teamwork. I kept thinking about Castle Crashers when I saw the game, but once I played it I found it was much more than that. The customization is fantastic. There was a nice range of clothes and gear to earn in the game. Best of all the game is simply fun. I didn’t want to stop playing it once I got into it more. I am looking forward to picking this up as soon as it comes out and so should you.

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I am a game designer and 3D modeler that graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Former pro gamer. Now I stream games and write. I am also a veteran of the U.S. Army and father of 3.

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