Official Destiny eSports Rules Set by ESL

Sometime last year, the ESL or eSports League officially announced that the popular sci-fi shooter Destiny would be making its way to the co...[Read More]

ScrapGear’s Paperback Picks of the Week for 1/4/17

Ever walked into a comic shop and wasn’t sure what to pick up? I’m here to give you a couple of ideas of some titles of interest...[Read More]

Dungeons & Dragons – Tales from the Yawning Portal

Wizards of the the Coast has announced its next book release for Dungeons & Dragons. April 4th WOTC Tales from the Yawning Portal will b...[Read More]

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 – Mid Season Trailer

For the Star Wars fans out there who ingests all things Star Wars the Clone Wars animated series and Rebels are two great shows that stick o...[Read More]

Rogue One Still Dominating the Box Office

  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story continues to dominate the box office. This third Friday – Sunday weekend the movie made $49.5 mill...[Read More]

Super Mario Run Review

Bringing the most recognizable video game character to the largest audience seems like a “no-brainer” for Nintendo. Honestly, I ...[Read More]

2017 Looks Like A Big Year For PlayStation!

2017 looks like it is going to be very exciting for PlayStation gamers! This year is going to be bringing some great software, and exclusive...[Read More]

First Look at Astroneer (Game Preview)

Fans of Minecraft’s survival mode will be pleasantly surprised with Astroneer’s focus on exploring and searching for technology ...[Read More]

Darksiders Warmastered Edition Review

Recently, I finished my play through of Darksiders Warmastered Edition for the Xbox One. The Darksiders series brought us to a post-apocalyp...[Read More]

Headlander Review

I had no idea what to expect when the code for Headlander appeared in my inbox. But, I know that I didn’t expect a floating head tryin...[Read More]

Board Game Review – Betrayal At House On The Hill

I always look forward to the holiday season. My wife and I don’t entertain much, but on the holidays our house is “ground zero” for friends ...[Read More]

Dungeons & Dragons Inducted into Toy Hall of Fame

Today the Strong National Museum Of Play announced that Dungeons & Dragons, the King of Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPG's) is a 201...[Read More]

Building a community amongst the high seas

Emma Bridle is a Social Media Manager at Rare and has an amazing opportunity. The company has been reinventing themselves over the last few ...[Read More]

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