Who Needs Shark Week When Outriders Can Bring You Legendary Weapons Week?

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In impromptu fashion, People Can Fly showed off some of the legendary weapons for their upcoming sci-fi shooter, Outriders. Taking one weekday for five separate weapons from the game, PCF created their own “Shark Week” that they called “Legendary Weapons Week”. Outriders is fast becoming a highly anticipated shared-world RPG due out early next year. Despite its recently announced delay, PCF really wants to keep the hype train in gear. So, let’s take a look at the five weapons showcased.

The Migraine: Legendary Submachine Gun

On Monday, we got our first look at a gruesome SMG, The Migraine. This is a High Rate-of-Fire weapon that will turn enemies into an anomaly bomb upon final blows. It’s yet to be determined whether this will damage the user upon detonation.

The Iceberg: Legendary Bolt Action Rifle

Next up, we got to see a bone-chilling sniper rifle called The Iceberg. The Iceberg’s unique mod is Winter Blast. Upon a critical shot, The Iceberg will create an ice blast that will freeze enemies within a four-meter radius of the hit.

Amber Vault: Legendary Double Gun

Halfway through the week, Amber Vault made its first appearance. Amber Vault is considered a “double gun”, which appears to be a double-barreled auto rifle, of the high rate-of-fire variety. Amber Vault’s mod will increase its damage by 30% for 30 seconds upon a killing blow.

Grim Marrow: Legendary Light Machine Gun

Thursday brought us Grim Marrow, a hard-hitting Light Machine Gun. Grim Marrow’s mod creates a singularity upon killing blows. When the singularity is destroyed, it explodes and deals damage to any foe within a 6.5-meter radius.

Voodoo Matchmaker: Legendary Auto Rifle

On the final day, we got a glimpse at an Auto Rifle called Voodoo Matchmaker. What makes this gun different is its mod called Ultimate Damage Link. What this will do is link up to three enemies and share 30% of weapon damage dealt and 10% of anomaly damage as well.

Wrapping Up

This was definitely a welcomed surprise last week and has certainly gotten a lot of people more excited for this game ahead of its February 2021 release. Personally, I really loved the small sample of things we were able to see, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some things with more of a sleek, futuristic aesthetic as well as the gruesome arsenal we were able to get a peek at. While I think we may not get another look into the game until just before launch, we’ve absolutely been surprised before.

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