What Did We See During Outriders’ Legendary Armor Week?

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Following up after December’s “Legendary Weapons Week“, People Can Fly and Square Enix utilized a week in January to show off and celebrate some of Outriders‘ Legendary Armor and mods. Let’s take a peek at some of the things players can look forward to when the game launches this April.

Throughout the week week, we got to see one unique armor set for each of Outriders’ four classes. With that said, every armor set still has some unifying principles that make them legendary. For one thing, they all have a specific mod that enhances one of the class’s abilities. We were also shown that each set has five pieces and when three pieces are equipped, a set bonus activates. While it has not been fully confirmed, I don’t believe using any more than three pieces will increase the potency of the set bonus. Before we start geeking out over potential builds, let’s take a look at each set and its respective mod and set bonus.

Pyromancer: Reforged

First up, was an armor set for the Pyromancer called “Reforged“. When three pieces are equipped, Reforged grants an additional 50% damage to the Feed the Flames and Thermal Bomb abilities. The mod they showcased was “Double Fun” which allows Thermal Bomb to affect two targets.

Devastator: Deathproof

Next up, was “Deathproof“, an armor set for the Devastator. Deathproof’s set bonus decreases the “Boulderdash” skill cooldown by 90%.

Trickster: Chronosuit

On Thursday, “Chronosuit” for the Trickster made its appearance. Chronosuit enhances the “Borrowed Time” ability to where every instance you revert time, it replenishes ammo to the magazine. The featured mod showcased was “Aggressive Teleportation”. This mod creates an explosion around the player whenever they revert time!

Technomancer: Torrential Downpour

Lastly, the Technomancer’s “Torrential Downpour” dropped in. When activated, Torrential Downpour creates additional cluster bombs after the “Shrapnel” skill’s initial explosion. They also featured a mod called “Trap Cluster” which allows shrapnel twice the amount of charges before the cooldown is triggered.

All-in-all, I’m pretty excited with what I’ve seen from these armor sets and short builds they mocked up on Twitter. I look forward to when I can get the games in my hands during the demo on February 26, 2021 and I’ll have my initial impression posted shortly after release!

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