Outriders Delayed to 2021: The Good, The Bad and What’s Next to Come

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Earlier this week, People Can Fly announced that their upcoming Cooperative Action-RPG, Outriders, would be delayed until 2021. It had been speculated for some time now that the game would be coming later rather than sooner after showing up on Steam with a date of 2021, but it is now fully confirmed that Outriders will release on February 2, 2021.

The Silver Lining

Web of cross play support in Outriders

While this announcement comes as a bit of a disappointment to many, PCF was able to soften the blow a bit by also announcing that Outriders will be fully cross-play across all launch-day platforms (Stadia release still TBD). This is a great way to set the tone for other cooperative multiplayer games in the upcoming generation. In my opinion, it has taken a bit too long for studios and publishers to make this a standardized practice, but I’m glad that PCF and Square Enix can see the value in making this feature available on their first new IP of the generation.

What’s Next

Since May, PCF has been hosting a bi-monthly video series called “Outriders Broadcast” to dig deeper into the games’ story, gameplay, and design. While we haven’t gotten an installment since August, PCF assures us that another will be coming in November and we’ll have the full breakdown right after it airs.

Closing Thoughts

If I said I wasn’t sad about the game getting delayed I’d be lying. Outriders has been my most anticipated game for 2020 since its reveal last year. Knowing that the game will feature cross-play on release certainly does make that pill a little easier to swallow.  Either way, Outriders looks to set the tone for the future of online cooperative gaming in the next generation and I can’t wait to get there.

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