Outriders Broadcast #3 Comes Next Week

Another look at new environments and the fourth class revealed!

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On Tuesday, August 18, People Can Fly announced the next live stream in a monthly series showcasing their upcoming Cooperative RPG, Outriders. Outriders Broadcast #3 looks to give us further insight into one of this year’s most anticipated new IPs, but what can we expect to see?


A city near a forested area in Outriders

In each episode, PCF has slowly opened our eyes to the world of Enoch, our future home in Outriders. This one should be no different. One thing I’ve liked to see is the diversity of the biomes in Outriders. Where we’ll go, nobody knows, but hopefully, it’s just as great as the ones we’ve seen before.

Class Breakdowns

class progression in Outriders

During each of the previous entries, we got to see thorough breakdowns from two of Outriders’ playable classes: the Trickster and the Pyromancer. In Broadcast #3, we’ll get a deeper dive into the Devastator: a master of Earth (or Enoch?) and rock. From an unseen standpoint, the devastator seems like the tank class of the bunch. With the vast customization in class abilities, we may be in for a real treat with what it has to offer.

Also, the Devastator was not the last of the playable classes. Up until now, there has been an unrevealed fourth class that would be announced later. Fortunately for us, later is now and in Broadcast #3 we’ll get our first look at the Technomancer. During Broadcast #1, there was a screen where the Technomancer was listed in the game’s accolades. This has lead to much speculation by the community, but now it is fully confirmed as the fourth class.

Waiting for the Signal

Outriders Broadcast #3 will be live on YouTube and Twitch August 25th at 9AM PDT and we will have the breakdown here at MHG! If you missed Broadcast #2, feel free to check it out here.

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